Singapore's Popular Sports - Anthony S CaseySingaporeans enjoy recreational sports just as much as the rest of the world. From motorsports to waterskiing, both indoor and outdoor sports are screamingly popular. Because Singapore is an island surrounded by the ocean, water activities are extremely attractive to the locals. Kayaking, sailing, and waterskiing are adventure frequently sought out by Singapore residents.

Read on to learn the names of some of Singapore’s most popular sports.


Singapore has a professional football league called S.League, which formed in 1994 and launched in 1996. The league now has ten teams with stadiums located around the country. The Lions, representing the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), has successfully competed in the regional AFF Championship, winning four times since 1998. Also,  the Singapore Amateur Football Association became a registered society in 1892.


The Singapore Slingers are a professional basketball team that currently competing in the  ASEAN Basketball League. Formerly they competed in the National Basketball League but left the NBL to compete in the “Singapore Challenge Series,” where they competed against China, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Australia, and Malaysia. The franchise originated as the Canberra Cannons as an Australian team in Canberra.


The Singapore national rugby union team has yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup, represent Singapore in the international rugby union. One of the first rugby clubs to assemble is The Singapore Cricket Club, founded in the 1800s. For a long time, they exclusively played Malayan states, but later went on to play others and to contend in tournaments around the world. They’ve also been competitors in the Asian 5 Nations competition since the 1998 tournament.

Car Racing

In 2008, Singapore hosted the Formula One World Championship. That race was the first F1 street race in Asia, and it took place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit or the Singapore Grand Prix. The Singapore Grand Prix was the first held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in 1966, and there have been seventeen motor race events held there since.


Silat, which derives sekilat meaning “as (fast as) lightning,” has hundred of styles and schools. An indigenous form of martial arts that developed in present day Indonesia, peninsular Malaysia, south Thailand, and Singapore, is widely practiced and is part of oral tradition. Notable instances of authentic silat has featured in “Puteri Gunung Ledang,” “Queens of Langkasuka,” “Merantau,” “The Golden Cane Warrior,” and “Human Weapon.”


Singapore has scored handfuls of medals and awards in swimming thanks to Joscelin Yeo, Ang Peng Siong, Tao Li, and Joseph Schooling. In fact, Joseph Schooling, a first-ever contender, won Gold for the 100m butterfly event at the 2016 Summer Olympics, which took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Other sports thoroughly enjoyed in Singapore include sailing, kayaking, and scuba diving.