LONDON (Alliance News) – Hipgnosis Songs Fund Ltd on Thursday said it has acquired a music catalogue from Giorgio Tuinfort that includes songs for David Guetta, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna.

Tuinfort is a songwriter and has written 23 number one singles. Hipgnosis acquired 100% of his interest in the song catalogue, which comprises 182 songs in total, including all 23 number one songs.

The catalogue contains over 15 UK Top 10 singles with David Guetta, including six number one singles.

Songs for Gwen Stefani, Sia, Avicii,, Usher, and Lionel Richie are all included in the catalogue.

“Giorgio is arguably the most underrated hit songwriter of the last 20 years. He could just as easily be composing a piano concerto as co-writing magnificent pop like ‘The Sweet Escape’ for Gwen Stefani or ‘One Last Time’ for Ariana Grande. He has quietly been the partner of choice for everyone from Akon to David Guetta and has been instrumental, literally, in their incredible successes. For me ‘Titanium’ is as sophisticated as pop can get. Giorgio’s work is sublime,” said Hipgnosis Founder Merck Mercuriadis.

Shares in Hipgnosis were flat at 107.25 pence on Thursday in London.

By Anna Farley;

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