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Alternative Assets: Investing In English Football Clubs

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Anthony S Casey of Singapore is the president of Swiss Asia Wealth Management. Here, speaks with Bloomberg’s Shery Ahn on “Trending Business.” Learn about the launch of his football fund that focuses on the broadcasting rights of the English Premier League. How does it work and what’s his outlook for the fund?  (Source: Bloomberg)

Asia’s Millionaires Are Buying Into European Soccer, Viren Vaghela

Sales of football finance notes, backed by television rights of soccer clubs, doubled to $11 million last month from the amount issued in April, when they were opened to investors in the region, according to data from Swiss-Asia Holding Pte. “Banks are shoring up their capital book and reducing exotic lending to achieve a higher Tier 1 capital ratio,” said Anthony S Casey. “Football finance is classed as exotic, which gives us a chance to step in as an approved funder.”

Football Finance Note

The Football Finance Note (FFN) is listed on the Frankfurt Exchange, protected by the Luxembourg securitisation laws. Each deal is fully secured by guaranteed global income streams from TV broadcasting rights. Anthony S Casey remarks, “I decided to start it because I saw a gap in the market – there is an opportunity to provide investors in Asia with a USD entry point for investing into top tier English football in a listed, transparent and cost effective manner. English football is very much an obsession in Asia. If I could provide an access point that offers a reasonable rate of return in a totally uncorrelated manner, it would be a winner!” Read more on