Anthony S. Casey

Singapore // Australia

International Wealth Manager & Consultant


Anthony S Casey lives in Singapore but he’s traveled all over the world. Through his adventures, he’s learned about international beauty, local delicacies, and exciting cultures. He also learned about himself.

Growing up in England, Anthony S Casey attended the Chatham House Grammar School. From 1986 to 1993, he received an excellent education and was inspired by his educators to always be ambitious and demand the best. An achiever from an early age, he earned nine General Certificate of Secondary Education passes, including two at the Advanced level.

Since a young age, Anthony S Casey has been interested in financial markets. He secured an internship work placement at the London Stock Exchange when he was just 17 years old. There, he gained invaluable experience during the boom time in the city of London, which would plant the seed for future endeavors in the financial world. It launched his fascination with business and worldly pursuits which he has since pursued.

Like many young students just stepping out of their sheltered worlds, Anthony S Casey endeavored to broaden his horizons and see more of the world. For that reason, he deferred his entry into University. Instead, Casey studied a book called Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith. The book stated, “you can work while you travel.” The notion that one could travel as a means of continued education empowered Anthony S Casey and enriched his life. This book proved to Casey that, through tenacity and flexibility, he could afford to travel instead of staying put in his life. He booked a flight to Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa. It was there that he joined the crew of a 54-foot yacht. Working on the yacht, he traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. The yacht made stops throughout the Atlantic, including most of the Caribbean islands.

The advice from the book turned out to be true, and Anthony S Casey found himself working his way around the world. He found himself in Miami, Florida working as an events coordinator for the growing dance music scene. As Casey’s professional and personal life evolved, he followed his heart and relocated with a German heiress to her hometown, Frankfurt, Germany.

Early Career


While in Germany, Anthony S Casey continued his involvement in the house music world. He later traveled to Ibiza, Spain in 1994, a region that’s known as a party hot spot and the global centre of dance music. The scenic destination is also marked by superclubs and pristine beaches. 

Anthony S. Casey identified the emerging world of house music as an industry ripe for profit. He was present as house music evolved into today’s widely popular electric dance music (EDM). On the island of Ibiza, Anthony S. Casey, with a business partner, founded Raveco. With the Global EDM Market recently hitting $69 billion, Anthony S Casey got his start in the industry at an excellent time.

Raveco catered to the increasing numbers of house music nights being held by the large clubs. Raveco facilitated the VIP experience for its clients. This service allowed them the clientele to skip the long and boring, often two-hour entry queue. It provided them with elite access to the VIP lounges in the club. There, they mingled with world famous DJs and global celebrities, an awesome opportunity for everyone involved.

Anthony S Casey started this more as a hobby. He would do an event once a week at a few venues on Ibiza. Then, it escalated into two events a week and culminated into three exciting events per evening by 1996. At its peak, Raveco supplied VIP tickets to over one thousand people partying each night across five different countries. Raveco was invited to assist clubs in Tenerife, Miami, Frankfurt and later Cape Town in South Africa. 

Back to London

By 1996, Anthony S Casey was ready for a change. Ibiza was an incredible experience. Regarding personal growth and business, Ibiza taught Anthony plenty. However, Anthony S Casey knew there were more opportunities to be had in London. He sold his share of the company to his business partner and headed home to England. Once back in the United Kingdom, Casey began investing in real estate.

He made a good profit with the sales proceeds of Raveco. With a little research, he decided to purchase several luxury residential apartments in the Docklands area of the City of London. Those properties he rented to City workers while he turned his attention to the world of finance. This same year, Anthony S. Casey took a job as a Trainee Stock Broker at London’s exclusive Capel-Cure Myers Capital Management.

FTSE 100 Company, Old Mutual eventually bought and absorbed that company. Nonetheless, Casey’s time working in Royal Mint Court was an incredibly useful education in finance. He was able to apply real-world experience seeing how markets work in international markets to this position. 

In October of 1997, Anthony S. Casey accepted a role with Friends Provident in London as a Financial Consultant. In this role, Casey managed the private assets of high-income earning Londoners. In 1997 he won the Rookie Financial Planner of the Year award. Soon after he was promoted to Executive Financial Consultant. He began to attend annual conventions and have more face time with his clients. Through his outstanding performance, he even attended the 1998 convention to the World Cup Final in Paris.

Current Career

Anthony S. Casey has lived in ten countries across the world. This global experience has opened his eyes to business and the world’s financial centres. His venture in the financial industry began in 1996. In 2000, Anthony S. Casey began managing assets of prominent families in Asia. He succeeded in that realm by utilizing global contacts and building an extensive business network across in Asia and beyond. From the start of Casey’s career to the present, Casey has been a confident and inspiring leader. He is proud to apply his global experience to his work today.

How did Anthony S. Casey end up in Singapore? Anthony S. Casey’s success in London began to attract the attention of competitors. In 2000, he was recruited away from Friends Provident by HSBC Bank. He relocated from London to The UK Channel of Jersey to begin working in the Far East team of HSBC Investment Services. For two years, he received in-depth training on offshore banking. In those two years, he rose from a level 1 advisor to the top level 4 status, in preparation for an international secondment to Asia.

In October of 2002, Anthony S. Casey was awarded an international posting to Singapore. He was posted to the International Banking Centre of HSBC Singapore to help establish a new offshore banking division within the bank.

Though the first act of his professional career took him all over the world, Anthony S Casey found a home in Singapore.

Anthony S Casey eventually earned the role of Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management at HSBC’s new International Banking Centre. In this position, Casey helped grow the business, winning many International awards for outstanding performance. The process was an experience of growth where Casey learned how to lead effectively. After almost ten years at HSBC, some of the prominent families he looked after financially asked Casey to work independently for them on a Multi-Family Office basis, which was a challenge Casey joyously accepted. He then dove into a fruitful collaboration with a Swiss Multi-Family Asset Manager in Singapore.

Football Finance Note

From Singapore, Anthony S Casey’s most recent venture is The Football Finance Note (FFN). Here, Casey is the Investment Manager for the listed vehicle that funds top tier English Football Clubs. It is the first of its kind in the World in USD. The FFN provides a competitive annual yield to investors, secured against £8b of television broadcasting rights through a new uncorrelated, listed and transparent investment vehicle.

Football Finance Note has increasingly attracted attention in the Asian and European markets since its listing in January 2016. In May 2016, Swiss banks and various institutions agreed on multiple subscriptions and were excited to be cornerstone investors.

A distribution of 7.63% was paid out to investors in the ‘Mother’ Euro class during 2016.

bloomberg investing Anthony S Casey Singapore

Anthony S Casey was recently featured on Bloomberg Singapore.

The Football Finance Note team presented at the Swiss-Asia Cap Intro Event in Hong Kong; their initial venture into North Asia and Football Finance Note embraced a wealth of interest from mainland Chinese investors looking to play their part in the EPL action. FFN is still the World’s only route for investing USD into top flight English Football transactions, in a listed, regulated vehicle. The team has been fielding inquiries from sophisticated investors who are also looking to purchase EPL and Championship Football Clubs outright. Given that the team deals directly with most of the Football clubs for FFN, they are in a strong position to introduce both buyers and sellers, without the need for agents, brokers or third party involvement, which will be an exciting addition to the services outside of regular FFN business.

Read more about Anthony S. Casey and Football Finance Note on Linkedin.

Personal Life

While his professional life continued to flourish, his personal life developed as well. While in Singapore, Anthony S Casey married Miss Singapore Universe winner, Bernice Wong, and started a family. He involved himself with philanthropic efforts as well. In 2008, he raised funds for the Little Sisters Fund, an organisation that supports underserved girls in Asia through university, by participating in the East Coast Park OSIM Corporate Triathlon. Casey discovered a passion both for giving back and for fitness. He competed in numerous triathlons, at both the East Coast Park and on Sentosa Island in Singapore. He competed in the individual relay, corporate relay, and sprint distance events, right up until his son was born in 2008. One of Casey’s favourite charities is the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to terminally ill children. Casey and his team sponsored the wish of 6-year old Nicholas Ray by providing him with a Super Hero Birthday Party Extravaganza, with all Nicholas’ favourite comic book hero’s in attendance.

Anthony S Casey loves attending a variety of cultural events in Singapore. In April 2016, he participated in the Singapore Yacht Show with his wife, Bernice. He enjoyed a terrific evening out with beloved footballers following the England-Germany match in Singapore this past November.

bernice wong Singapore anthony s casey Yacht ShowYachts ANthony S casey Singapore

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Community Service

Anthony S Casey strives to make the world a better place.

In 2012, Casey contributed to the Action for Aids Singapore charity ball in 2012. The organization works tirelessly to raise funds for research and awareness of HIV/AIDS, as well as supporting those diagnosed and living with HIV/AIDS in Singapore. A huge part of their effort is to reduce the stigma associated with the disease, and Anthony S. Casey was more than happy to support their work by inviting his best clients and closest friends and business associates to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Anthony S Casey has contributed to Singapore’s Autism Research Center to educate the public about autism and afford adolescents with the condition opportunities to succeed.  The organisation’s mission is to help individuals autism spectrum disorder “maximise their potential in life through advocacy and provision of services in education, employment and empowering of family caregivers.”  The Autism Research Center raises money through events such as Dance Spectrum International, which has become an annual tradition. Past performances resulted in the organization raising over $132,600 for the building and maintenance needs of the school.

In addition to these efforts, Anthony S Casey has contributed to groups, such as Focus on the Family, Pimp my Tuk Tuk, and the Nias Orphanage in Indonesia. Please find more about his philanthropic pursuits at

Anthony S. Casey currently divides his time between Singapore, Australia, Spain and London with his wife and son. His plans for the future include expanding his Wealth Management practice in Asia and further real estate investment, having re-invested into prime central London and the establishment of a 3D Printing business for the medical industry.